Easy Do it Yourself Hair Weave Tips

Hair weaves are essential for many black women. Not only are they great for changing up styles anytime you choose but they are also great because they require very little maintenance once applied. The downside to hair weaves is that generally they can be expensive to have done to your hair. The weave pieces alone can cost $100 or more plus whatever fee the stylist charges to place them in your hair.

With the popularity of YouTube how-to's on the internet, you can simple look up a good how-to do your own weaves and follow along. Most tutorials will take you form the basic steps of how to braid your hair, place and sew netting over the braids, how to measure and cut the weave pieces so that they can be worn properly and lastly how to actually sew the weave into your braids. Some of the videos will even finalize with how to style and care for your weaves.

Here are some quick tips to help you begin sewing in your weave.

1.) To save you time on the process you should consider doing corn rows that start from the front of your head and then go to the back. Many people prefer to braid in a circular direction but it is unnecessary to do so.

2.) Another helpful tip is to separate the section of hair that is on top of your head and the front sections that touch your face like your bangs or would be bangs area. These should be excluded from the braiding sections. You will want this section to be able to lay over the weave pieces when you finish.

3.) Another helpful tip is to use a curved needle when sewing the tracks in. If you use a straight needle you can increase your chances of poking your head or worse; the persons' head you are working on.

Marissa provides hair articles on her website, black hair extensions. Visit her site and read her step by step directions for how to sew in black hair weaves.


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