African American Hair Regrowth

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If you want to avoid losing your hair as an African American the read every word in this article. You see there are not many African American hair regrowth specific products. The hair growth products out there are focused for the general public. You see everyone has a different type of DNA and although all those other products out there might work well they won't work for everyone.

So let me show you a way for you to prevent hair loss and keep your hair. Remember that this all has to do with your genetics.

1. Tight hairstyles: having tight hair styles such as braids, weaves and so on can put a lot of pressure on your scalp. When ever you go to your hair salon or barbershop ask your hair stylist or your barber about hair loss with African American people and if your hair style can be damaging you. ( just don't tighten your hair too much)

2. Things like straightening, perming, coloring or bleaching your hair can lead to hair loss. So again ask your hair stylist about hair treatments that have successfully worked for other African American people.

3. Did you know that hair is made of protein and and not having good enough protein in your diet can also lead to hair loss. Your hair also need other vitamins and minerals like many other areas of you body to be healthy. It can be difficult in today fast food industries trying to get the right amount of vitamins so supplements can be good so go out and try some.

Now Here are some treatments

1. Go out into the market and find a good scalp washing product and find one that is most recommended by doctors.

2. You can go to the doctor to get a transplant

3. Go to the store and find a scalp wash product called Provillus

You can try these but you will find that the most natural way is the best way.

If you want to learn of a way to regrow you hair as an African American without having to go through the pain of hair surgeries and spending money on expensive products then I recommend you do it the natural hair regrowth way click here to find out.


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