Answers to Your Burning Questions About Dreadlocks

All too often, people with dreadlocks are viewed as having dirty hair or being unclean individuals. They are considered people that have this whole spiritual thing going on and have an attitude about life. Get a better understanding of dreadlocks by having some of your burning questions answered. So, what are some burning questions about dreadlocks that can be answered here?

Are dreadlocks for Rastafarians only?
Dreadlocks are for anyone that desires that hairstyle or lifestyle, as some would say. Rastafarians usually wear their hair very matted and use no type of culturing or maintenance for the upkeep. They basically wash their hair and leave it to dry and lock on its own. However, I have seen individuals that don't consider themselves Rastafarian lock their hair the same way. It really is a personal preference for the individual. However, anyone can wear dreadlocks whether they are Black, White, Chinese, Asian, etc.

Are dreadlocks considered spiritual?
If wanting to start dreadlocks is an inner choice that is made for an individual, then I guess it can be considered spiritual. However, dreadlocks are for anyone that wants to start them. Dreadlock wearers I know just got to a certain point in their lives where they wanted to make a change. They wanted to enhance their lifestyle and it just so happen to include starting dreadlocks.

Are dreadlocks nasty and dirty?
Personally, I wash my hair 2-3 times a week because of my active lifestyle and my personal choice to have clean hair. However, some individuals prefer to leave their hair unwashed for an extended period of time (3 months or longer) to allow their hair to lock. However, this is NOT sanitary because it causes the hair to stink horribly. Many dreadlock wearers I know wash their hair every week or every two weeks, depending on what information they have been given about maintaining their dreadlocks. It's really a matter of preference for the individual but cleaner is better, in my opinion.

Do I have to go to a dreadlock professional to get dreadlocks?
No. There is so much information available on the internet about starting dreadlocks, that I would advise an individual to do their research before spending money to go to a professional and have their hair locked. Certain dreadlock styles require a certified professional, but I would advise doing the research, saving the money and doing your hair at home.

Are Dreadlocks expensive?
Depending on what type of dreadlocks you want, the cost can vary. They can be free if you decide to do them at home like I did. However, some professionals can charge $65- $800 to start them, and $35/hr for maintenance. The higher costs come from certain micro locks that have to be installed and maintained by a certified professional that uses a special tool to start and maintain them.

Do I have styling options with dreadlocks?
Yes! I love this question because depending on the size of the dreadlock, you can have the very same styling option as someone with straight hair. For example, I can wear my hair in ponytails, pin-ups, hanging, etc. Additionally, I can roll it, wear it curly, or use a blow drier and let it hang straight down. The options are unlimited when you get the micro sized dreadlocks because they are so spongy and flexible. It really depends on the individual and how much maintenance they are willing to endure. My hair takes a lot of maintenance frequently because of the tiny locks, and the mere fact of me wanting to keep it looking fresh and stylish.

Are dreadlocks for me?
It depends on the individual. I would highly recommend considering all options and doing your research before taking the leap into dreadlocks. It takes a lot of commitment, patience and acceptance of the hairstyle and what others may think of it. I know that my hair is probably cleaner than the average dreadlock wearer because I make sure of it. However, some people may not think so because of myths they have heard about dreadlock wearers. Be sure you are ready to accept you and have confidence in your ability to look good with your dreadlock style. Not all people will accept the style and can/will judge you before they even know you, because of negative things they have heard about dreadlock wearers. Be willing to live with it and push forward. If you don't think you are ready for some potential false judgment about this hairstyle, then it is not for you. You will know when you are ready and nothing will stop you when you get to that point.

Do your research about the dreadlock hairstyle, before making it become a part of your lifestyle. Dreadlocks become a part of who you are and should not define you, but you should define who you are. Remember, the hairstyle only compliments the individual wearing the style. Be sure you remain awesome, even with the potential change in hairstyle, and you will make it work for you!

Thanks  Dawgelene Sangster for a great article!


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