How to Create Wavy Hair With a Flat Iron

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Wavy hair styles can be created using a flat iron and the process is quiet simple. If you already have a styling rod then there is no need to purchase a curling iron. Blow dryer, Comb, Styling product and Thermal Protectant and jaw clips are the products required to create wavy hair.

Rather than larger flat irons, a one inch model is required to create beachy waves in hair. Larger ones can't create curls. So it is very essential to get a 1 inch or smaller model. Higher quality 1 inch tool is ideal to straighten and curl hair effortlessly.

While choosing a straightening rod it is better to look for one with ceramic plates to seal and smooth strands of hair. The hair styler must be heated to the highest setting in order to get the best results.
To initiate the process, start with dry, clean, and combed hair. For easy access of hair, pin up the top section of the hair with the bottom section. Grab a one inch section of hair and place the heated rod in the middle of the section of hair. The device must be parallel to the ground. You should find a loose, bouncy wave in your hair as you pull the flat iron all way down the hair.

The same process must be continued until the rest of your hair gets a wavy hair style. For more separated waves, add a little finishing spray to fingers and run through hair. Random clamping will create fewer waves and have a more casual feel.

Creating wavy hairstyle process must be finished by spraying a light-weight hairspray. While using hairspray, be cautious not to overuse hair products as this can weigh down your hair and cause it to look oily and flat. Making this wavy type hairstyle is an easy job and doesn't need to be perfect to look fantastic.
Wavy Hair Style is ideal for special occasions and parties as it gives you a beautiful look. Another plus point of this hair style is that you don't have to worry about messing up your hair style as it already has a "laid back" appearance.

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