How to Grow Dreadlocks Naturally

There are many people who would like to wear dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are a heavily matted piece of hair. They are formed in two ways. There is the natural way of dreadlocks. This is typically where a person lets their hair grow naturally. They do not treat it or comb it. The hair tangles and after awhile will grow into a dreadlock. The other procedure is by chemical process. Dreadlocks can be processed by using a dreadlock perm. This type of permanent hair treatment will help the hair achieve a dreadlock look. To find how to grow dreadlocks is not hard. Check the internet. There are many websites that can explain the process.

To achieve the dreadlock look, there are many different methods to growing dreadlocks. Some processes are more natural than others. It depends on what the person's hair goals are. Would they like to create dreadlocks naturally or do they have the hair type that can get them quickly by way of perm?
The first method is to backcomb the hair. This type of method will actually achieve the dreadlock look quicker. It is labor intensive in that the first session may take awhile to complete. The person will basically section a part of hair typically about one to two inch squares and back comb it. Begin backcombing it close to the scalp and then move out. Work this method around the whole head.
Another way to grow dreadlocks is to use a wool hat and rub your hair. Put the hat on and rub the hair inside for approximately fifteen minutes. While this method is all natural, the dreadlocks created will be all different sizes. If you would like a more uniform approach then it is best to try a different method.
Getting a dread perm will give the person a look of instant dreadlocks. This process is chemical based and not natural. It is completed in a salon. The cost for this treatment is anywhere between two hundred and four hundred dollars. This process only works on African American hair types. It will not work on Caucasian hair types.

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