Milky Way Human and Synthetic Hair For Weave and Braid

One popular hair fashion trend over the last several years is the use of hair extensions, and one very popular brand is Milky Way Hair made by a company called Shake N Go Fashion. They provide a line of both synthetic and human hair extensions that can be used in either a braid or a weave. With Milky Way Hair you will find extensions that are made from either real or human hair, and also very natural looking synthetics. These items are either glued, clipped, or woven within the hair you already have, which provides you with a new look. Let us take a closer look at some of these hair extensions, and get a better idea what is available and what you can expect from them.

You may not already know this but the concept of hair extensions has been around for a very long time, but it has not been until recently that technological advancements, particularly those developed by Milky Way Hair, have made it possible to create a hair look that is almost impossible to tell it from the real thing. Now, with these hair extensions you will find that they come in all types of sizes, styles, and costs to fit almost any budget. The easiest to apply are the clip ons because as your real hair grows back you have no need to go back to a boutique for maintenance. With a woven or adhesive applied look you can expect them to last up to six months, but then you will have to return to the salon to get some work done on them.
You may also be interested in a weave, particularly with the with the fabulous offerings from Milky Way Hair, but please understand that this requires a two step process. The initial step is where the hair artist will weave several threads of hair in to your own locks, and they will do this carefully and apply it underneath your own hair so that is subtle and not so obvious. Once that takes a good base the hair stylist will use that weave as a platform to attach a new hair piece, or a curtain of hair attached to the top with a naturally full flowing toward the bottom, and this is called a weft.

What you may also find very appealing is not glued on extensions. The high tech advancements of late make it possible to do just this, and we see this especially well done by Milky Way Hair. With this process you can have natural or synthetic strands of hair attached to your own hair using structures called micro cylinders. What is amazing that even though this provides a very secure connection, it will not damage your own hair but it is a very time consuming endeavor. What is really incredible also, is that when you are ready to remove them you stylist can easily and quickly pull them right off.

If you prefer an old school method, you can still have your new hair extensions glued to your scalp, strand by strand. With this method you can also attach brand new hair to the hair that you have already. Your hair salon professional will use a protein based adhesive that is nontoxic to your biological system and will not harm your own hair. Also be aware that the glue must be heated to work properly, but no worries here because a low temperature process is used and you will hardly even notice that it the glue is being applied to your scalp.
If you are thinking about a new look then it is probably time for you to consider hair extensions for either a weave or braid from Milky Way Hair.

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