Our Review of the Best Black Hair Oil

Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil, 4-Ounce, BottleDesert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil, 4-Ounce, Bottle

Jojoba Oil is considered one of the top deep treatment for adding moisture and hydration. So much so, there are many to choose from...and that is good news!

But that just shows how effective it is and truly lives up to its promise. No wonder it has gained the reputation for being the black hair oil among the many treatments that has stood the test of time.

Jojoba oil works well for all types of hair, but is especially effective for coarse, thick and dry types - most common for African Americans. It works especially well to restore moisture on designs that have been damaged from frequent use of blow drying, hair dyes, straightening and chemical treatments.

Jojoba oil is especially effective for follicles that have become dull, dry and prone to split ends, breakage and tangling. This non-greasy essential oil acts like a serum that adds shine and alleviates dryness. It's a type of moisturizer whose molecules are small enough to penetrate and smooth hair cuticles.

It keeps the hair moisturized so it doesn't easily break and can sustain growth to desired length. Jojoba oil also works on the scalp and keeps it from being dry because it is very similar to sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands.

Another benefit that jojoba offers as the best black hair oil is it works wonderfully for hot oil treatments. Hot oil treatments are an essential part of a black hair maintenance regimen, especially with many who dye, bleach, blow dry, use flat iron or curl their hair.

Unless you have an allergy to jojoba, it's pretty harmless and doesn't even emit any repugnant odor, so it's quite safe to use by just about anybody.

The good thing about using jojoba oil for hot oil treatment is you don't really have to go to the salon just for that purpose; you can easily do it at home on your own. Here's a "recipe" on the proper way of doing an "in-home" treatment to obtain the best results:
  1. Warm up the bottle of jojoba oil. You can do this by submerging it in hot water. Although some brands may say you can use the microwave for this purpose, we never really do it in my salon as it is easy to scald the scalp or skin with hot oil. For convenience, buy the single use bottle or tube because it is easier to warm up.
  2. Apply the warm oil all over your hair. This can be a little messy especially if you have a long hairstyle, so wrap a plastic cape around your shoulders. Massage your scalp to allow even distribution then cover with a plastic cap. The idea is to let the oil penetrate and this can be achieved by keeping it warm, so try to keep the cap warm as much as possible. At the salon we use the hair steamer or the heating cap; but at home, you may blow dry the outside of the cap to sneak in some warm air like a hot balloon. Let it sit for 30 minutes.
  3. When the 30-minute period is done, allow it to cool; then rinse and shampoo as usual. Remember, gentle shampoo also mean very minimal as in almost nil. The less shampoo you use; the more moisture you can retain.
  4. Towel-dry your hair and let it air dry. If you have to blow dry, just make sure you do it as gently as you can in the shortest possible time.
Jojoba oil is a popular choice in salon and customers invariably ask for hot oil treatment using this versatile essential oil that's really the best for black hair. So say goodbye to dry, dull-looking and frizzy locks. With consistent and regular use, you can say hello to softer, shinier black hair.

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