Straightening Process For Naturally Kinky Hair

Normally, kinky hair is beautiful, however sometimes people with naturally kinky hair desire sleek, smooth they notice on models and celebrities. Chemical relaxers are available to straighten kinky hair, but they can bring damages to hair. While attempting the straightening process, utilize products that made especially for curly hair to protect it.

Following are some simple steps to straighten naturally kinky hair.

Step 1
Carefully wash hair instead of scrubbing shampoo into it. Use a rich and heavy conditioner to finish, and leave it on the hair for two minutes before rinsing it off. Kinky hair is often dry, so ensuring it is well moisturized will make it easier to straighten.

Step 2
After stepping out of the shower, dry hair by patting it with a towel. Don't rub or twist the hair; this will reason more curling. To soak up excess moisture pat it dry; and blow dry the rest.

Step 3
Clip your hair into four sections; one on the top left side of your head, one above your ear, one on the top right side and then above your other ear in a separate section. To ensure they appear smooth and shiny you'll be blow drying these sections separately. Let down one section at a time, and blow dry it while pulling it taut on a paddle brush.

Step 4
Once it has dried, comb a heat-protecting spray through the hair. Heat the straightening tool to a level suitable for you hair type.

Step 5
Fix the styling rod down on a 1- to 1 1/2-inch section of the hair, as possible, as close to the scalp. Slowly move the device down the section, taking care not to create creases. To create a layering end flip your wrist in or out when you reach the ends.

Step 6
Complete the entire hair by finishing with a high-hold hairspray. Keep a small bottle of hairspray with you if you live in a humid climate. This helps you to tame frizzy pieces that might pop up all through the day.
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