Top 5 Black Hair Growth Myths

Why is it that black women have such a hard time growing lengthy locks? Black women don't have to struggle with growing our hair. The following 5 myths have contributed to the lack of hair growth in black women.

1. Black Women Can't Grow Hair: This is just an out and out lie. Do other ethnic groups have a genetic monopoly on long hair? Is there something special, or flawed, about black hair that prevents it from growing? Is there some funky gene tied to melanin that prevents hair growth? No, no, and no. Black women can grow hair. Black women do grow hair. Don't you have to go for a touch-up on your relaxer or color every 6 to 8 weeks? Then your hair is growing. The question is how to keep it on your head. Black hair has special needs and can't be treated like straight hair, which leads us straight to our other myth.

2. Only 'Mixed' Women Can Grow Hair: Another long-standing lie. There is a reason that mixed women tend to have longer hair. Sometimes, not all of the times, 'mixed' women have a looser curl. The looser the curl the more that it retains moisture. The more moisture it retains the less breakage occurs. Also, every bend in a curl is an opportunity for breakage. Looser curls have less bends than tight curls. The hair stays on the head and length is achieved. Tight, kinky curls are very dry. They require extra care and attention to achieve long lengths, but with proper cultivation they can grow just as long as looser curls.

3. Greasing the Scalp: This comes from the dryness of kinky hair. In an effort to give moisture the scalp is often coated with Vaseline or mineral oil. While natural oils are an integral part of a black hair growth regimen, petroleum jelly and mineral oil are not. These products coat the scalp and suffocate the hair follicle. Hair growth slows down and sometimes stops completely.

4. Dirty Hair Grows: This is another myth that arose out of the dryness of kinky hair. In an attempt to prevent the dryness we feel after shampooing, many of us stop washing our hair for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. Again, the scalp must be clear of debris for hair follicles to thrive and produce hair. Dirty hair is just that, dirty. And it doesn't grow any faster.

5. Relaxed Hair Can't Grow: Many of us have seen black women with long beautiful dreads and have drawn the conclusion that we must go natural to get length. Relaxed hair is much weaker than natural hair and will break faster. You will get length fast if you go natural. However, if relaxed hair is nurtured and cultivated it will grow just as long, just as fast, as natural hair. All you need to know is how.

These are the top 5 hair growth myths. Black women can grow their hair. We just need to be taught how to care for and nurture our hair.

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