African American Hair Growth Product - The Benefits of Shea Butter

It is quite common for a good African American hair growth product to contain Shea butter. People in Africa have used shea butter to strengthen their hair for centuries. It is noted for its benefits to both the hair and scalp. While this natural ingredient can help stimulate the growth of African American hair, it is good for all types of hair. Just be sure to buy it in the right form in order to get the most out of it.

The Origins of Shea Butter
This natural ingredient is an extract that comes from nuts from the shea-karite tree. This tree is native to Africa. It takes about fifteen years for the nuts to appear. It can take twice that long for the best quality of nuts to develop. These much older nuts have a strong natural dose of fatty acids which are extremely potent. The fatty acids are what this natural substance so good for the hair.

What to Look for in an African American Hair Growth Product Containing Shea Butter
A hair growth product containing this natural ingredient typically has a nut like smell. The smell becomes weaker as the product ages. Do not buy a product if it does not pass the smell test. Avoid using refined shea butter.
Color is important when comes to choosing the right product containing shea butter. The color should be either white or yellow but never green. Usually it has a cream like color and should not be very greasy or hard.
How Shea Butter Benefits the Hair
It helps prevent hair loss by protecting the follicles and strands from becoming dry and brittle. It is like using a natural conditioner. To use it as a deep treatment, shampoo the hair and massage it into the scalp and put some on the strands. Put on a plastic cap and leave it on for one hour. This will help seal in the moisture. The heat from your head will allow it to penetrate the strands.

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