African American Hair Growth Product Options For Unprocessed Black Hair

It is becoming increasingly common for black women go for a natural look when it comes to their hair. In order to make this decision work, it is important to learn how to really take care of unprocessed black hair. This involves understanding what to look for in a conditioner and African American hair growth product. Black women have strands which need special care in order to grow without breaking.

What to Look for in an African American Hair Growth Product
Choose an African American hair growth product that was created for the type of strands that you have. Keep the texture of your strands in mind. Are they fine or coarse? Your answer to this question will help you decide which products to use. Many Black women have strands that have very tight curls. There are conditioners and other products that can help make combing easier. Look for conditioners that have coconut oil listed among the ingredients. You can also use pure coconut oil. Massage it into your scalp. This will stimulate your scalp and strengthen the strands allowing them to grow without snapping. It also helps the strands retain their moisture, which prevents dryness.

Do Not Use Products Containing Alcohol on Unprocessed Black Hair
Alcohol has a drying effect on unprocessed black hair. It will damage the ends and cause breakage. Carefully read the ingredients listed on product labels. Do not even consider a conditioner or other treatment that has alcohol.

How to Repair Damaged Strands
Hot oil treatments are a must for women who wear their hair natural and for those who are transitioning away from relaxers. Use olive oil to help strengthen your strands and repair damage from over processing.
Thoroughly shampoo your hair and then rinse it. Massage the olive oil onto your scalp and strands. Put a plastic cap on your head and leave it on your head for at least one hour. The heat that your head generates will help the olive oil penetrate your strands. You will definitely notice an improvement in the look and texture of your strands. For even better results, leave the olive oil in your hair overnight.

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