How to Straighten African-American Hair

Did you know that you don't have to have a relaxer to straighten your hair? Your hair, natural and free from chemicals, can be bone straight. It doesn't matter how coarse your hair is, it is possible to straighten it without any chemicals! How do I know this? I have not had a relaxer for over 5 years, I wear my hair straight, and my hair is stronger and healthier than it has ever been. If you have really curly or thick, kinky hair, and you can't straighten it or have a hard time straightening your hair, I can help. I have very thick and very wavy hair and I like to wear it straight. The first thing you need to do is buy a good blow dryer. The strength of your blow dryer is essential to achieving a smooth, silky look. The next thing you need is a comb attachment for your blow dryer which can be purchased at any beauty supply store. You will need some sort of heat protector spray to protect your hair, and hair oil...I prefer kemi oil...also found at any beauty supply store. The last thing you will need is a good, ceramic flat iron. This kind of flat iron is much less damaging to your hair than a curling iron.

OK, now that you have all of the necessary supplies, it is time to get to work! First, make sure you wash your hair and comb it very gently. Remember that African-American Hair is very fragile and can break easily, especially if you have chemically treated hair. Be sure to comb the hair from the bottom to the top to avoid breakage. Next, divide your hair into four equal sections. Use a hair band (never a rubber band!) or clip to secure 3 of the sections leaving the fourth section out. You should attach the comb attachment to the blow dryer and it should fit easily with a firm push. Spray this section with the heat protector spray. Now you want to blow dry this first section of hair with the blow dryer and comb attachment until your hair is dry and as straight as you can get it. Repeat this step for the remaining 3 sections of hair, spraying each with heat protector spray. After you do this, run the blow dryer with comb attachment through all of you hair as if you are combing your hair. Take a quarter size amount of kemi oil and rub it through your hair and be sure to use a little extra on your ends. Then use the blow dryer again to evenly distribute the oil.

Now it is time to use the flat iron. Use the kemi oil sparingly as you flat iron your hair, concentrating on the ends. Be sure to set it to right temperature for your hair type. Start at the base of your neck and make a horizontal part about one-fourth of an inch thick. You will be parting your hair this way until you reach your front hairline. Next, starting at the end of the row, take a section of hair about an inch wide. Use the flat iron starting near the scalp and slide it slowly down that section of hair. If necessary, repeat this step. Continue to do this until you are done with all of your hair. Your hair is straight, smooth and silky! By Eden Sheridan


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