The Quickest Way of Getting 360 Waves

I have to admit, like you I'm addicted to speed! I like things done now & fast, I cannot stand waiting. I bet you have seen how awesome 360 waves look & you wanted them for yourself now! Right..Anyways relax don't be anxious, once you understand the fundamental concepts of getting 360 waves, you will be spinning in no time. There is a lot of mumbo jumbo & downright wrong information about getting 360 waves in your hair. For a very long time people have been forced to believe, the only way to get 360 waves is by using hair relaxers or hair texturizers. Or you need to have that good hair to stand a chance of getting 360 waves. Well I'm glad you are here so that I can expound on the right methods to get 360 waves. So fasten your seat belts, lets get started!

Getting 360 waves is both a science & art. Just like training a dog, you need to start training them when they are young. Likewise when getting 360 waves, you need to train your hair to be wavy when its not overgrown yet. Get it! Cool, glad that's out of the way. Now what you need to do is to cut your hair to a guard #1.0 or #1.5, this is a very low cut, but not bald. Some call it a light ceaser or whatever you want to call it, ask your barber he will know. The point is, you need to get your hair very low, so you can start training it.

Since we are looking for the quickest way to get 360 waves now, we will not concern yourself too much for the right hair products to use for now. Unless if you want a detailed account for the right hair products to use & how to incorporate them to different methods, you will find more details at the end of the article. The method I'm going to show you here is the quickest way to wave on a budget. With tough economic times around, its tough to be buying hair products. This method is called the Microwave method, because it speeds up getting 360 waves. Another good thing about this method, is that its natural, no need for harmful chemicals which are going to damage your hair.

Ladies & gentlemen, I introduce to you, The microwave method.
Step.1 Wash hair in the shower, brush with the grain for 5 mins-ref to the brushing chart in The 360 hair waves guide.
Step.2 Dry hair, but leave a little bit moist & brush with the grain for 5 mins,until hair is dry.
Step.3.Put on Durag, Spray your durag with a squirt bottle of water while you have it on.
Step.4 Remove Durag during the day, spray your hair with water & brush for another 5 mins.
Step5. Put Durag on, repeat this process during the day, whenever convenient.

This is only a snippet of what we can be able to cover in this article. When you use the Microwave method with other tips & techniques which we have not covered here, you will be surely spinning with 360 waves.
We have only covered the foundation here, there is more to getting 360 waves. But when you get the right tips & methods, you will be the talk of your neighborhood. Learn from the experts here.

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