African American Hairstyles For Men

Finding the right hairstyle can be just as challenging for men as it is for women. Even after choosing something that they like, their hair just never seems to cooperate to give them the look they want. African American Hairstyles for men can be even more challenging because their hair is naturally very curly, and those tight curls can be a problem. But there are many urban men's hairstyles for black men today that can have them looking as stylish as if they just walked off the red carpet.

First there is the matter though of choosing the best coif that suit the man's personality, style, and face shape. A large afro on a round face is going to seem out of place, but a smaller one with shaved sizes could make the face seem longer, less round. Some hairstyles also require more maintenance than others in keeping the look clean and sophisticated.

If you are a stylish man who isn't afraid of taking risks, the well-coiffed afro may be right for you. This is slightly longer than other cuts, but it has a contemporary spin on the vintage afro. This cut can be an inch or two long or several inches, depending on exactly what the man is looking for. Paired with a trendy wardrobe, it combines rock star style with sophistication.

Long dreadlocks may not be in style anymore, but the shorter version is. This is a trendy, stylish, and sharp version of the long locks, usually not extending past the collar. The laid back style of short dreads is about showing how hip and stylish you are. It fits well with a contemporary and polished wardrobe, especially fitting for a young urban man.

The close shave, a black man's version of the buzz cut, takes the hair as close to the head as possible without going bald. It is a perfect all around haircut for a man who doesn't have time to fool with his hair and who goes from sophisticated suits to streetwear at any given moment. This look tells everyone that they are a refined man, suave and professional during the day and the life of the party by night.
Men fear going bald, even the idea of shaving their head bald is scary. But the total shaved look on a man can be rather attractive, which is why you'll see many men opting to shave it all off today. This gives off the air of confidence, class, and style. It has the look of sophistication and sex appeal when paired with the right attitude and a good smile.

After a man has chosen the right hair style he'll have to make sure that regular touch-ups are part of his routine. Short styles require regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh, sharp, and stylish. It is also important to use moisturizing products suited for his hair type so that the hair doesn't damage easily or become brittle, which can have them going for the bald look sooner than they want.

Men worry about their hair just as much as women do and finding the right hairstyle can be just as challenging. Choosing something that represents the personality and lifestyle of the man will make sure that he looks good no matter his choice.

Today there are many African American hairstyles for men to choose from so they can look as trendy and sophisticated as any Hollywood star.  Visit for more tips.


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