Black Women Can Grow Long Hair: African Wonders Hair Products Introduces New Formulas

Finally there is a line of hair products that delivers on the promise to grow Black women's hair long.

African Wonders™ Hair Products, a botanical hair care line for curly hair, is in the business of growing hair.

African American women have long sought out the secret to growing long hair. According to Angela de Joseph, the founder of the African Wonders® and a former Essence Magazine associate beauty editor, “Black women can grow long hair, there is no secret. It takes two things, the right hair care products and the right regimen.”

The African Wonders® hair care line is made with botanical ingredients that keep hair moisturized. Top fashion model, Kayla, is a big fan of African Wonders® products. “I’ve been using the line since I was a child and my hair grows fast and long I get so many compliments on how healthy my looks and feels.”

Angela de Joseph, felt so strongly about Black women and their hair drama, that she penned her journey to long hair on her website,“I always wanted to have long hair but I kept damaging my hair with chemicals and heated appliances. Once I started keeping my hair moisturized and taking care of it I was able to grow it long.”

The curlier the hair, the drier it tends to be. For curly hair to grow long it needs the best hair care and hair products. African Wonders Hair Products® were developed to moisturize dry hair, repair damage and help curly hair grow long. The unique formulas stop breakage, reverse hair loss and make hair strong and manageable.
People from all ethnic groups have curly hair. Black hair is the curliest is also the driest and the most fragile. Most African Americans suffer hair damage and breakage from chemical treatments and heat styling. African Wonders® was formulated to protect curly hair and repair damage caused by blow dryers, curling irons, hot combs and flat irons.

The African Wonders® Hair Care line includes the Pre-Treat Aromatherapy shampoo, Hydrolyzer moisturizing conditioner, Recovery Treatment hair bonding mask, the Hair Reformer gel, and the Re-Seal mending conditioner.

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