How To Remove Dreadlocks Without Having To Cut Your Hair

When asked How to Remove Dreadlocks, some people are under the impression that this is not possible to do so without cutting everything off. The reason why most people decide to get rid of the style is to add variety. Some would love to grow dreads, but they fear having to cut all the hair that they have spent years growing. Starting all over again is something they try to avoid.

Several products are available on the market that allows dreads to be removed. It is a slow process, which may take up to two weeks to complete, if you do a number a day. The best place to start is around the edges, as the completed parts can simply be pulled back. It will look as though it is new growth that has not been twisted yet. The twisted hair can be pulled back or swept into a bun.

Cutting a small bit from the ends of the dreads will help to start loosening it. The cream will help to minimize breakage and soften the twist. The shredded hair is part of the twist, so when it is unraveled, the shredded bits will come out. You are bound to find unabsorbed styling products and sebum that will come out.

Be sure to wash the unlocked sections after you have removed the twists with a deep moisturizing shampoo and condition it. This will result in softer, more manageable hair. Do not attempt removal of all the dreadlocks in one day. Only select an amount to be removed daily and stick with that.

Start by moistening the section you wish to work on and then moisten each twist again before you start to work on it with some dread lock remover cream.

The process of how to remove dreadlocks is tedious, but well worth it. You should retain most of your hair, even if you have had the twists for years. You can learn more hair care tips on


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