How to Style Your Child's Curly Hair

Does your child have curly hair and you just don't know how to fix it? Are you at your wits end with trying to get your child to look presentable with all that wild, unruly hair?

Curly hair is beautiful. Everyone wants curly hair. But it can be a pain to work with. My mother had straight hair. Then she had me. My curls are wild and stick out all over the place. She never did learn how to work with them. When my hair was wet she would wrap it around her fingers in banana curls or locks and let it dry. Then she would not touch until it got fuzzy 3 or 4 days later. It was very painful to have any one try to brush out my curls, especially with a comb.

If I could go back in time I would tell her what I am telling you. I use an expensive shampoo. Short hair is much easier to work with. Since my hair is short, I do not use a regular conditioner in the shower. It makes it limp. I use a spray leave-in conditioner, one made especially for curly hair. Then apply a firm gel to wet hair and rub it in. Next, I run a big plastic pick through it. I never use a comb or a brush. The pick will evenly distribute gel throughout hair. I briefly towel dry hair. Scrunch curls into place and push hair out of face. With bangs, sort of place them where they need to go. Sometimes I push my hair behind my ears. The stiff gel helps it to stay in place. Next is the tricky part. I use that great invention so perfect for curls, the diffuser blow-dryer. I gently lift pieces and blow dry only the roots. Do not move dryer all around like a crazy person as it will make hair fuzzy. Only dry until damp. Let air dry naturally 20-30 minutes. Blow-dry some more. It should be dry by this time. Too much drying will make it fuzzy. I do this every other night. In the morning when I am getting ready, I use a shower cap while bathing. Then I turn my head upside down and fluff with fingers. Next I pick out curls gently. This is the most important part. I use a stiff hairspray. I like Biosilk firm hold. I lift hair and spray roots and place hair where it needs to be with the spray. You can push hair behind ears or push bangs to side.

The fun part is the styling. The easiest thing to do is pull hair back in a headband. It is also easy to pull back bangs in a clippie or barrette. For a more fun look, pull back in a ponytail holder. Let curls fall naturally around neck. Pull bangs back with a few curls falling around face. For a dressier look, straighten bangs with a fat curling iron or flat iron. Sometimes I flip sides out and up with an extra large curling iron. Every day I wake up and look at myself in the mirror and try to decide what my hair wants to do that day. It seems it has a mind of its own. I just go with it.

It took me years to learn to fix my own hair. Hopefully, this advice will help make you and your child's life easier.

Author, Melanie Garrett has curly hair and finally learned to fix it.


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