Are Dominican Blowouts Healthy?

Although Dominican blowouts are very popular hairstyling techniques these days but a major question remains like "are Dominican blowouts healthy?" and "what are the possible Dominican blowouts damage?"
Well during the blow-drying process of Dominican hair blowouts indeed a certain amount heat is applied through the concentrator nozzle as it directs the heated air to the hair. But the amount of heat being applied for Dominican blowouts vary significantly from hair to hair as depends upon not only on the length of the hair but also it affected by the thickness of the hair.

In case of comparatively thick hair, indeed an excessive amount of heat is applied which pose significant risk to the hair being subjected to split end and also roughening of the scalp. Also there are chances of the scalp being flaky and itchy. All in all unless proper protection and preventive measures are taken, there are possibilities of permanent Dominican blowouts damage to occur.

But these do not necessarily prove that Dominican hair blowouts can not be done without Dominican hair blowouts damage. There are certain foremost things to be remembered to prevent this damage:
• Use of good quality products including shampoos, oil, gloss, polishers etc. is very much useful
• Using quality instruments like Magnetic rollers, A hair dryer, A round brush, Lots of butterfly clamps, A blow dryer with a nozzle at the end are helpful which should be adhered to certain quality guidelines.
• Using large rollers helps since it also increase quality of straightening and less damage.
• Not using the blow-dryer than required amount in hair blowouts salon is also an important aspect towards maintains hair and scalp health.

Thus, Dominican blowouts are healthy when done with proper care and preventive measures.
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