Using Hair Straightener For African American Hair

As per the facial features of women, there are different types of hairstyles that can be tried to suit them. African American women can try out a number of trendy hairstyles to suit them. In this article, we provide with some important tips on how to use a flat iron for African American hair.

Since chemical hair treatments can often bring about a number of hazards on the hair, avoid using such treatments. The safe alternative for chemical treatment is the use of flat iron. The hair care industry of today is stuffed with an endless variety and brands of hair care products that help in achieving gorgeous looks when used on the hair. Since African American women have a stronger hair, their hair can survive the extremity of heat considerably. Thus, the temperature requirement for such hair varies from the requirement of others. They will require a temperature higher than the lowest temperature and therefore, you have to keep this in mind while choosing a styling rod suited for the hair.

Professional straighteners, especially the latest models come with an advanced variable heat setting feature that has to be looked out while choosing. This amazing feature enables the user to find the apt temperature required for their hair and then set it according to their hair type. Ordinary models come with a fixed heat setting that cannot be adjusted and would not either give you the expected result if it works on low temperature or may burn the hair if it works on the highest temperature that can overheat the hair. Thus, adjustable heat setting feature is one of the best feature to check out while purchasing a styling device. Most preferably, a device that can heat up to maximum of 450 degree F is suited for a person with African American hair.

The size of the plate is also an important factor when choosing that is suited for African American hair. Since such people have strong, thick hair, they will require a straightener with a half-inch or one-inch iron. Flat irons with teeth on the plates are also good for removing the tangles. Let whatever be the hair type; always start with a medium temperature that is between 300 and 350 degrees F. Then that can then be slowly set between 420 to 450 degrees F for utmost effectiveness. Using moisturizer before styling will help in softening the hair and retaining hydration in the hair.

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