Wen Hair Products - 3 Dramatic Differences After Only 1 Weeks Use

Wen hair products are a completely different kind of hair care that doesn't include shampoo or conditioner, and recently I gave it a try to see if what the infomercials were claiming was actually true. I don't usually do much for my hair, use Suave conditioner and don't take hours to prepare it every morning, but I would still like to be using something on my hair that isn't damaging it; which is why I decided to try Wen conditioner. Below you will hear about 3 dramatic differences I have noticed with my hair and only after 1 week of using Wen.

1. Softer Hair: From my very first "shampoo", I noticed softer hair; even before I stepped out of the shower. Actually right after I put the product into my hair I could tell by its creamy consistency that it was going to be completely different than a regular shampoo. It doesn't lather, but it does clean your hair with just the one product, the sweet almond mint conditioner. It kinda made my scalp tingle while I was waiting to rinse it out, it was actually very invigorating. Once my hair dried I felt it and was amazed by how soft it was. I was actually a little concerned that it was going to get greasy with time, that it wasn't really cleaning my hair and scalp, but it hasn't shown any signs of grease, but continues to get softer with each use.

2. More Body: Another concern of mine was that the conditioner was going to weigh my hair down; and while it feels heavier, it actually has more body and feels stronger. I don't really do anything extra to my hair, just towel dry and go, and without styling it at all I see a difference in how much body and bounce it has. My husband started using it too and we both see a huge difference in the texture and look of his hair.

3. Beautiful Shine: I'm not going to lie and say that my friends have seen a huge difference in my hair and are complimenting me right and left, in fact no one has said a thing (unless I pointed it out to them and had them feel my hair), but then again it has only been a week. Chaz Dean, the creator of this product, says that the more you use it the better your hair will get, it won't take months to see results, but I'm sure it may take a few weeks to repair old damage from previous shampoo use. I will say though that my hair is very shiny and feels great and is seeing much better results from this product than any other I have tried.

I don't have a lot of money, don't usually spend a lot of money on my hair, and don't spend hours prepping; but I have decided after using Wen that if I can afford to keep using it, I won't go back to using my Suave shampoo. I was fairly happy with the new Suave Almond and Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner, it was probably the best hair product I had tried; but I was very surprised to hear that traditional shampoos have detergent in them; that is why they lather, and that they strip your hair of natural oils. Wen doesn't include any of the ingredients that damage your hair, but it does clean your hair just as well if not better. The biggest difference I have seen with my hair after using Wen for 1 week is how soft my hair is; it has a lot more body and is full of shine too.

You can buy Wen conditioner from the infomercial you see on TV, or if you'd rather not be locked into a monthly commitment there is another option. Visit Wen Hair Products to learn more.


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