Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

If you have your hair right where you want it but you wish to enhance it a little bit more, you can always do so with the best flat iron for natural hair. Many people make the mistake of thinking their locks will be invincible to all sorts of hair tools and opt to use a cheap flat iron. Afterwards they observe the disastrous consequences as their once natural locks are dry, brittle and damaged.
To avoid this, you don't have to steer clear of every hair iron you come across. Instead, take some time to research brands and models and find out the benefits that suit your styling needs the most. There are general benefits the best flat iron for natural hair can produce and you can read about them to guide your purchase decision better. The rest will depend on your individual hair situation and personal taste...not to mention budget!
One of the first things the best hair iron for natural hair will have is high quality heating elements. Cheap flat irons use metallic plates coated in ceramic and this is damaging to your hair especially when used frequently. The reason for this is that the plates are unable to produce a consistent temperature, often causing hot spots and burning which manifests in dryness, frizz and brittle strands. If you want to conserve the healthy, natural state of your locks, it's better to find a hair iron that uses genuine heating materials such as pure ceramic or tourmaline. You can also find flat irons that use a combination of both and though these are pricier, they are well worth it. Ceramic is universally recognized as one of the healthiest styling materials thanks to its moist, gentle heat and use of negative ions. With ceramic your strands will retain moisture and vibrancy, plus the overall health and shine will be improved. Tourmaline offers similar advantages, and it can style faster thanks to the enormous amount of negative ions this material produces.
Another thing the best flat iron for natural hair features is a high, consistent temperature, along with adjustable heat settings and a lightweight, ergonomic design. To maintain the condition of your hair, you should rely on the heat settings to ensure that the temperature isn't so high, this way you can avoid burning. The ergonomic design will allow you to straighten your hair comfortably and easily. Like what you read? Try the Karmin Salon Pro G3 flat iron, it includes all the aforementioned benefits and more.
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